Who is soulful tee?

Soulful Tee is an Artist who creates audio and experiences for people who are ceaselessly searching for something newfangled and invigorating. "If you want to know what this experience is like stop by her next show! Come and find out more!"

Why Do They Call Me Soulful Tee?

The name Soulful Tee chose Me; it originated from a man named Henry B. L. Gray on May 31st 2011. " I did an open mic art show in NYC that he hosted and I did my first big spoken word piece titled “This is who I used to be” followed by "A long walk by Jill Scott"; as I exited the stage Henry told the audience to put their hands together for (he hesitated) as he was trying to figure out what to call me other than by my legal name and he blurted out…Soulful Tee; I then turned to him and nodded in agreement as he was announcing the next performer and from that day on the name stuck with me. All that I had let out on the stage that night truly came from the soul and I was happy to know the audience felt me."
Soulful Tee & The Band range in genre from Gospel, Funk, Soul, Acoustic Soul, Jazz, Selective R&B, Oldies. Please Check out the TOUR page for upcoming shows and appearances.