I was not the traditional little girl who would go outside to play, find a stray cat or dog and bring it home to ask Mom if we could keep it; I brought home people. I remember bringing home a prostitute who was wandering aimlessly around my neighborhood to meet my mother because I knew my mother would pray for her. It was something about my encounter with that woman that emanated deficiency (Of course I could not explain it in those words then) but ultimately, I knew she needed help, (to be freed of something or someone). My desire has always been to travel so that I could see other parts of the world and experience all different kinds of people. As I grew older that same desire abided but explicated to wanting to meet the needs of those "all different kinds of people". I would describe my academic and educational track as Unconventional.

I have studied an array of topics such as Theatre, Fine Arts, Sociology, Black History, & Social Work. Ultimately, I want to utilize my knowledge, skills and life experiences to liberate people. I want to be able to provide mental, emotional, and spiritual relief.   I have a predilection for challenging what is deemed as “The Norm” and shaking up traditional standards, ideas, and methods. Life coaching with me will ultimately offer me as your partner -  where we will be embarking on a journey to get you from the place you currently are to the place you desire to be.